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Saturday, 26 October 2013

World's Most Popular Websites of 2013

World's Most Popular Websites of 2013

Google is used extensively to look up phenomenon ranging from very simple to extremely complicated. Testifying this fact is the cult called as ‘Googlism’ whose followers are the worshipers of Google. Even more widely used are the social networking sites-no surprise here either since man is known to be a social animal. Here is the list of top 10 most popular websites of 2013. 

10. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a networking site for the professionals. It is a tool to find job candidates and business partners. It is a convenient site since it allows the job seekers to review profiles of their bosses while the employers can go through the resumes of the applicants. This site was launched in 2003 and is available in 20 languages. According to the latest statistics, it has 173.1 million global unique monthly visitors. Also, it has 225 million acquired users in about 200 countries (as of June 2013). The majority of its users belong to the United States (74 million), followed by India (20 million), and then United Kingdom (11 million). It has 8.45 daily page views per visitor. With respect to traffic rankings, it stands 10th in our list. 

9. Windows Live 

Windows Live is a brand name for a set of products offered by the Microsoft and belongs to the category: portal. Its services include Calendar,, SkyDrive, Windows Essentials (which includes mail, movie maker, and photo gallery), and mobile services. The majority of its visitors come from the United States of America, about 16.5%. With about 330 million users and 11.59 daily page views per visitor, it ranks 9th in this list. 

8. Tencent QQ 


Tencent QQ, commonly known as just ‘QQ’, is an instant messaging software service developed by a Chinese company. It is not just an instant messaging service but it also provides a variety of other services such as online shopping, games, micro-blogging, music, and voice-chat. In 2002, it stopped its free services and introduced a user fee. However, due to increased pressure from other free messaging services (such as Windows Live Messenger), it took back its decision. QQ still offers special features to paid members. As of March 2013, QQ had 798.2 million active user accounts. It has 6.42 daily page views per visitor. It is China’s largest used internet portal and ranks 8th with respect to traffic ranks in the world. 

7. Wikipedia 


Wikipedia offers free internet encyclopedia. With 30 million articles in 286 languages, Wikipedia is the largest reference source available on the internet. Majority of its audience belong to the U.S (20.7%) and it has 3.69 daily page views per visitor. Its articles are written by volunteers and can be edited by anyone. This has led to wide concerns regarding the accuracy of its articles. Nevertheless, it is a very popular reference site amongst the general public and ranks 7th in this list of the World’s most popular websites. 

6. Amazon 


Amazon is an international electronic commerce company. Founded in 1994, it is the World’s largest online retailer company. It began as an online book-store but now has expanded to sell DVDs, electronics, video games, softwares, furniture, toys, food, etc. It aims to provide an online platform where the customers can buy anything they want at the lowest possible prices. It has 5.81 daily page views per visitor and majority of its audience belongs to the U.S (43.4%). 

5. Baidu 


Established in 2000, Baidu is a strong Chinese search engine. It is ranked as China’s #1 most popular website. So it follows that most of its audience are from China (89.2%). In 2007, it became the first Chinese company to be listed in the NASDAQ-100 index. It is also China’s first company to offer Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), and personal digital assistance (PDA) based mobile search. It has a great number of 15.11 daily page views per visitor. 

4. Yahoo! 


Yahoo Inc is a multinational internet corporation, founded in 1995. It offers many services and is best known as a portal and search engine. Its most popular sites include Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Finance, and Yahoo! Answers. It attracts about 700 million visitors every month. Majority of its users are from the U.S (33.7%), followed by India (9.3%). It has 6.33 daily page views per visitor and in terms of traffic rankings, stands 4th in this list. 

3. You Tube 


You Tube is a video sharing website where you can upload videos and share with the World. Since 2006, it is owned by Google. It is widely used to watch missed shows, movie clips, video-blogging, music videos, and educational videos. Majority of its audience belongs to the U.S (19.5%), followed by India (8.0%). It has one billion unique monthly visitors and 6 billion hours are spent on it every month. It has 14.30 daily page views per visitor and ranks as the 3rd most popular website in the U.S as well as the world. 

2. Facebook 


Facebook is a social networking site which aims to connect people where you can share posts, upload photos, share links, and keep up with the lives of your friends and loved ones. It was launched in 2004 and as of March 2013, it has 1.15 billion active users. It has 665 million active daily users. Based on its $5.1 billion income in 2012, for the first time, it was included to the Fortune 500 list published in May 2013. With respect to traffic rankings, it stands at second position in the list of most visited websites of 2013. 

1. Google 


Google Inc is a multinational corporation which offers a number of products and services. It is best known for its search engine, Gmail, Blogger, Google Chrome, and Google+ (a social networking site). Majority of its audience belong to the U.S (31.0%), followed by India (9.6%). It ranks as the #1 most popular website in many countries including the U.S, India, Iran, and Indonesia. It has a great number of 16.29 daily page views per visitor and ranks as the world’s #1 most popular website in this list.

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